Horse Barn Remodel

Horse Barn Remodel

Equine | Hellenville, WI

A customer in Hellenville approached us to remodel their horse barn. Their existing barn was outdated and was not meeting their current needs. We worked closely with them to design a new barn that was largely modeled on the old one yet modern and practical.

We made sure to work efficiently when remodeling so that the company did not have to put operations on hold for an extended period of time. We were also mindful of the customer’s stated budget. Though we worked quickly and stayed within financial constraints, we did not sacrifice attention to detail. It was important that the new building met all necessary codes and insurance requirements.

The new building has a wide front entrance and three stall doors. The new horse barn also features beautiful side widows that the previous building lacked. In the end the customer was extremely satisfied with their upgraded building and they are looking forward to using it for many years to come.




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