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Site Preparation

Site Preparation

Who wants to pay for dirt and gravel?! Why do dirt and gravel matter??

One of the biggest expenses that is often over looked on post-frame projects is site preparation. Site preparation is the careful planning of how your building will be placed on your property. When deciding on a location, many factors need to be considered. Such as how existing grades need to be filled or cut away, how water will be directed away from the foundation utilizing berms and swales, and how are all of the impervious surfaces that are being added going to affect the areas around the building site. Then, because we live in Wisconsin, there are snow and ice factors to consider as well. Site preparation is also the process of figuring out the best spot for driveway access, and how utilities will be brought into your building.

Dirt and gravel may seem like a small part of your building process, but they are an important part!

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