Backyard Utility Building

Hobby | Fort Atkinson, WI

Linda from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin  needed a utility building to store not only her lawn and garden equipment, but also to serve as overflow storage for her outdoor decorations and other seasonal use items.  It is no surprise that in a climate as harsh as Wisconsin, she was looking for something more robust than a big box store storage shed kit.

In addition to durability, she was also wanted her utility building to not only fit in to her yard and neighborhood, but to be an attractive addition.  Arik and the team at Everlast Structures listened to her vision of purposes the building would serve, and custom designed a post frame building that exactly met her needs.  Arik said “Our approach is to not find the pre-conceived box that we can stuff you into, but rather to listen, offer suggestions, and then considering your functional needs, site, and budget custom design and construct a building just for the customer.”

As a design-build contractor we start by listening, proceed to the design phase, and upon our customers acceptance of the design and price, proceed to construction.  Our goal is to make the project run as smoothly as possible.  We source all of the materials and trades, so that our customers know that they are getting a superior building, with a single point of contact during the entire project.



  • 12″ soffit overhangs (3 sides)
  • 36″ soffit overhang (1 side)
  • 4’x3′ sliding windows 
  • wainscot
  • 10’x8′ overhead door


  • Clay steel siding
  • Tudor Brown steel roofing
  • Tudor Brown steel trims
  • Plyco steel service doors
  • Plyco aluminum leak proof windows
  • Haas insulated overhead doors
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