Carriage Garage

Hobby | Delafield, WI

I had worked with this customer previously. We built a building for them at their previous home. They had recently bought a new house and they knew that they wanted a post frame building on this property as well for their hobby storage. They called me right away without considering any other builder because of our previous experience together. They stressed to me that the most important aspect of this building was that it was designed to match their current home. They showed me a picture of something they had in mind, and then we worked together with our 3D design program to come up with a design that they liked. The site was a little more difficult because it was right next to a property line that also had a big drop off. We kept this in mind when designing the building. Another design element they were sure they wanted to add was custom doors. We worked closely with the overhead door company to ensure that the doors had the design character that they were looking for to match the building. They also wanted a nice outdoor living space. To accommodate this, we created a nice, big porch on the back of the building for them to enjoy. The building process went smoothly. It was a fall build and this summer, they are looking forward to really putting together their outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family. They can spend birthday parties, family get togethers, holidays, etc. in this space.


  • 12″ soffit overhangs
  • 3’x4′ single hung windows
  • (4) 9’x9′ overhead doors 
  • 24’x10′ open gable porch 
  • 3′ cupola
  • 1′ turkey tail
  • moisture-lok (roof condensation control)
  • 2 serivce doors


  • Bright White steel siding
  • Matte Black steel roofing
  • Matte Black steel trims
  • Terma-tru service door
  • Plyco aluminum leak proof windows
  • Haas insulated carriage house overhead doors
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