Glass Cupola Building

Hobby | Ottawa, WI

A customer in Ottowa approached us needing a hobby barn that featured a glass cupola. It was important to the customer to have a building that had the practicality of a barn but was also aesthetically appealing.

The notable feature of this building was a glass cupola, which is a structure of windows that protrudes from the roof. In addition to the cupola, the customer wanted the building to be energy-efficient and incorporate in-floor heating.

In the end, the customer came away with a charming barn that was custom-built to their satisfaction. We were able to design a building that brought life to their vision and is now being utilized exactly as intended.



  • 18″ soffit overhang
  • 4’x3′ windows
  • 12’x12′ overhead door with one row of windows
  • 10’x44′ porch 
  • Energy efficient interior package
  • In-floor heating
  • 36″ glass cupola 
  • wainscot


  • Clay steel siding
  • Evergreen steel roofing
  • Evergreen trims
  • Plyco steel service doors
  • Plyco aluminum leak proof windows
  • Plyco glass cupola
  • Haas insulated overhead doors
  • White interior wall panels
  • Energy efficient insulation package for walls & ceiling
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